PE/PP/PERT Pipe Extrusion Line

//PE/PP/PERT Pipe Extrusion Line
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Project Description

PE/PP/PERT Pipe Extrusion Line

Products and applications:
Water supply pipe
Gas pipe
Cable protectors
Landscaping pipe
Replacement cement pipe, cast iron pipe and steel pipe
Underground sewage pipe
Sanitary hot water transportation pipe
Indoor hot water supply
Geothermal pipe

Features and functions:
• This production line selection of the special HDPE, PP pipe high effect extrusion machine, the screw with a barrier and mixing head structure, machine cylinder using a new slot machine cylinder, plasticizing and mixing small fruit good, large amount of extrusion and very stable
• for HDPE, PP large diameter thick wall pipe design of the spiral die, the die head has a low melt temperature, good mixing performance, low cavity pressure, stable production characteristics
• proprietary sizing and cooling system, water film lubrication and water cooling, in order to meet the requirements of HDPE, PP materials, to ensure that the production of thick wall pipe is high in diameter and roundness stability
– specially designed multi-stage vacuum control vacuum sizing box, HDPE, PP pipe to ensure stable size and roundness. Extrusion machine, traction machine adopts imported brand-name governor and control, good stability, high precision and high reliability.
– the whole production line and operation time is controlled by the program of PLC, set up a good man-machine interface, all parameters can be set by the touch screen and display. Special assembly line marking extruding machine, production in line with the requirements of the national standard with color marking pipe.

Model Pipe Diameter
Main Extruder Capacity (kg/h) Max haul off speed (m/min.) Total power (KW)
PEG-63 Ф20-63 SJ65/33 150 12 55
PEG-110 Ф20-110 SJ65/33 180 10 75
PEG-160 Ф75-160 SJ75/33 350 8 110
PEG-250 Ф90-250 SJ75/33 350 5 110
PEG-315 Ф110-315 SJ90/33 450 3 160
PEG-450 Ф160-450 SJ90/33 450 2 160
PEG-630 Ф315-630 SJ120/33 850 1.6 280